Aditi Chopra writes NRI fiction and non-fiction books.

Aditi's latest release, Kismat Series exemplifies how destiny sometimes changes our lives and our carefully crafted plans.
Sultry Stranger (Kismat Series) is now available on Kindle.


Have you ever wondered what it would be like for your soulmate to have sultry looks, a sharp business mind and a heart of gold? Well Leena Gupta, who manages real estate properties in Naples, Florida, is soon to find out!

Leena accidentally meets Anthony Garcia, a real estate tycoon, when he subs as a water aerobics instructor. She is smitten by Anthony’s striking looks; however, Leena is not sure if he will ever notice her! When he finally does, Anthony seems distant. Do they have a future together?
Delicious Connection
Kismat Series) is available on Kindle.


Chandni Awasthi lives in the culturally rich city of Jaipur; she is a simple girl of very few desires. Her interest in cooking overpowers everything else and she diligently blogs about her recipes to fulfill her passion. Sahil Jain is an IT professional; he also hosts a radio show in Chicago for his fellow vegetarians. His exquisite taste in food has earned him quite a bit of following through his radio show.

Although Sahil and Chandni live half-way across the world, food connects them in a fascinating way in this beautiful story!

Tempting Investment (Kismat Series) is available on Kindle.


Sanjana Ahuja has a problem that most people would want to have; money in the bank but no investment experience. After her recent divorce, Sanjana isn’t sure how to manage her assets until she meets Varun through her sister. Varun works in a New York hedge fund firm and is quite ambitious; he thrives on managing large portfolios for his clients.

Varun convinces Sanjana to invest her money in his firm but would he be able to tempt her into investing her emotions as well?